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8REAKING F8 - Homestick Fanfic - Chapter 25

Doc Scratch decides the Damara has endured her solitary confinement long enough and discovers his unwilling apprentice possesses skills that surprise even someone like himself. 

A short chapter, yes, but one that not only ties up a loose end or two but may also untie a few as well… Much more to come, don’t worry!

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25. – intermissi0n

    “Against my better judgment, I have decided to commute your banishment to the closet, Damara.  My employer has made a most convincing argument that his needs are best served with you active versus… what… what have you done in here?”

    “<Ow!  My eyes!  Why you have lights so fucking bright all the time?>”

    “You have completely and utterly defaced the walls of your closet with this… graffiti!”

    “<What?  You art critic now?  I like to see you do better, no talent shitlord!  Only talent you have is beating gums you not have!>”

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8REAKING F8 - Homestuck Fanfic - Chapter 24

Once aboard the Fool’s Gam8it, the freshly tattooed Porrim and Felida consummate their kismessisitude in a manner that attracts some rather unwelcome attention.  In the aftermath, Mindfang and Hyvare Chelte find they need to shake the attention that they’ve picked up on the streets of Southend.  Aranea also reveals the nature of their newest mission to her matesprit…

I must apologize to you, my readers; I’ve spent the better part of the last three weeks on the road here and there with my kids and haven’t had a chance to upd8 properly.  I will likely be updating every other week for the next little while and I’ll advise if there needs to be a greater delay due to moving, etc.  Don’t worry, new chapters are still in the works; I will see this project through, I promise!  On the bright side, here’s a MASSIVE chapter for you!

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    Porrim was almost breathless by the time they reached the boardwalk that led to the docks.  Despite Aranea’s reassurance that no one would mind her carrying a bucket around on the promenade, she wanted to rush through the crowd and get back to the Fool’s Gam8it as quickly as her feet would carry her.  Felida was on her heels, all but chasing her between the people that formed the throng that filled the streets, and Porrim couldn’t help but wonder if her breathlessness was from the run or from the excitement of having her kismesis pursue her.

    She found their ship easily enough and took off towards it, boots pounding out a rhythm on the dry wood as she sprinted the last few meters to her goal.  Porrim could hear the heavier clunks Felida’s mechanical foot made as she continued the chase, which spurred her on even faster.  As she took the gangway leading up to the main deck, she tossed a quick glance over her shoulder to gauge Felida’s position.  “Told you that you couldn’t catch me!”

    “I could totally take you anytime I wanted, Jadebutt!” Oceleo shouted back.  “And I plan to, believe me!”

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