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500 Follower Art Giveaway!!!!! WOW DANG

Hey guys! There’s now 500 of y’all following me, SO THIS CALLS FOR EVEN MORE FREE ART!

The winner will receive one commission-quality piece of artwork (one character, doesn’t have to be sfw ;D ). Your choice of real media or digital work. Real media work may be shipped to you, no matter where you live. :D I will draw OCs, anthro characters, fantasy stuff like dragons and such, and fandom characters (please no real-person fandoms [Avengers, Dr. Who, etc], I don’t have the skill to capture the likeness of real people yet, sorry!).


- ONE Like and ONE reblog per person

- Be following me

- Have your ask box open in case you win!

Ends April 25th @ 9:00pm, central time!

Seriously, guys, get in on this.  She’s great and she keeps getting better.  I promise you she’s an absolute treat to work with!

8REAKING F8 - Homestuck Fanfic - Ch. 10

Porrim attempts to complete the construction of her new outfit - when her new black lover gives her time to work on it, that is.  Felida’s methods of instruction become increasingly “hands on”.  Aranea’s return spurs the crew to a hurried departure.

Have I teased you with this blackrom long enough?  Hopefully you enjoy this side of the story as much as the Porrim/Aranea redrom (don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about that; there will be much more to come)! 

Soundtrack songs: #14 is from my favourite album of last year (yes, even above Daft Punk’s): Goldfrapp’s “Tales of Us”.  I just thought the music suited this scene wonderfully; the hint of dissonance fits well with blackrom, even a paler version like this one.


Also on Ao3:…


    If there was a god or goddess responsible for attending the needs of people who sewed,  Porrim was sending silent thanks their way after two nights of successful work on her new outfit.  She was back in her jade and black dress now that it was dry and busily throwing stitches into her newest project.  Almost feel like I’m ten again, making the dress that I’m wearing now.  She remembered how satisfying it was to work with her hands, the feeling of the needle piercing the cloth again and again and watching a garment forming before her very eyes.  And the work is flying by in comparison to the last dress I made.  Having the right needles and better thread make a world of difference.

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