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8REAKING F8 - Homestuck Fanfic - Chapter 22

The crew of the Fool’s Gam8it arrives in Southend, a wild and wily part of Alternia, in search of shop where Aranea can present Porrim and Felida with a fitting kismesissitude gift: tattoos.  Mindfang discovers the artist seems rather familiar but she can’t quite put a finger on why…

Those of you who have read my previous works, “Nobody Lives Forever” in particular, are going to have some theories concerning said tattoo artist.  I’m going to leave it to you to figure it out.  Those of you who haven’t might want to visit that story and see how Mindfang was involved with another of the known Ancestors… it might make the next chapters that much more enjoyable (or as my editor, Mercale, would say, heartbreaking).

Don’t have the soundtrack ready for this Act yet, but for the opening sequence, check out Zero 7’s “Look Up” for the start of it while you’re waiting.

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    “Aren’t they?  And here you thought it was just going to be the city itself that was breathtakiiiiiiiing…”

    Fool’s Gam8it was, for one of the few times in its modern existence, running under sail power as it drifted towards the lights of Southend; all of its glowglobes were shut off so as to minimize light interference.  It wasn’t the city lights that awed Porrim, but the ones in the sky that twisted and turned and wended their way between the stars.  The entire crew was up on the deck, wide eyed as grubs seeing moonlight for the first time.  Only Mindfang herself had seen the spectacle before but she was almost as pie-eyed as they, enchanted by the shimmering greens and purples and blues created by the magnetic storm.

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