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8REAKING F8 - Homestuck Fanfic - Chapter 21 

Kaerah Krysli finds herself in a High Justiceblock full of purplebloods and violetbloods, arguing as they often do, but the actions of one seadweller in particular have drawn the ire of another… one with a higher blood colour than them all. 

I’m pretty sure most of you saw something like this coming. :)  Not gonna lie, I had some fun writing this one.  Decided to create some closure where Redglare was concerned as well.  NOTE: This marks the end of “Act I” of the story.  The second arc picks up shortly after where the first ended. 

Soundtrack songs: Both #31 and #32 come from an old SNES game I love, “Axelay”, and if I were to have written music for seadwellers, it would have sounded an awful lot like this.   By the way, are any of you listening to my soundtracks?  I really need to get on songs for the next set of chapters. 


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    Kaerah Krysli looked out the window of the Grand Justiceblock  and watched the Grand Motherfucking Faygo Fountain spew its multicoloured swill at regular intervals, silently hoping that it would keep the Grand Highblood from pestering her for a while.   It also kept her from having to look at the grisly sight in the center of the block, laid out for all to see.  It’s bad enough that he keeps what’s left of that poor tealblooded Neophyte in the middle of the damn hall but to just leave the blue sword in the middle of her seems somewhat… disrespectful.

    “Overseer!  Stop admiring the fountain and get over here!”

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