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Upd8 Thoughts - No Spoilers, Per Se

From now on, I’m reading Caliborn in Strong Bad’s voice.

Seriously. Try it.

Between the anime focus (Stinkoman) and the over-the-top demise of some poorly drawn women like “What’s Her Face” (Teen Girl Squad) at the hands of an emotionally stunted 12-year-old equivalent, how can I not? I cackled. Literally LOLed. I have missed the hell out of this.

This reminds me of what Hussie’s stuff was like before it all went kaboom: sheer ridiculousness. Yes, he’s making a point and poking fun at us, too, but the comedy factor is what makes webcomics like this one (and the Homestar Runner this reminds me of, despite HR’s decidedly more G rating) worth reading.

Holy Crap. The Huss Is Back.

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